JA71 air jet loom

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JA71 series air jet loom is a new type energy saving air jet loom few investment, few energy consumption, and quickly income, weaving gauze and grey cloth which is designed to meet the market demand. JA71 series air jet loom also with the frame which is in high rigidity and central gas supply, low vibration, stable and reliable; with single electronic weft accumulator, profiled reed, main and auxiliary nozzle weft insertion system, high starting designed concept, is convenient to operation, maintain and installation; with oil free double cylinder air pump independent air supply system which is more energy saving than centralization air supply, low costing. Moreover, this loom can also be configuration with tuck-in device, outside the machine winding device which can improve the quality of cloth. Feature: 1.With enhanced frame structure, integrated box type wall panel, strong rigidity, high stability, it can effectively prevent resonance, reduce noise even weaving heavy or high density fabric. 2. With independent pump plenum system, energy conservation, effectively, easy to use. 3. With electronic weft accumulator, main nozzle, automatic detected the condition of weft. Improve the quality of cloth. 4. Positive let off, double back beam, can precise control warp tension. 5. Stable weaving condition. 6. Pneumatic tuck-in device, easy to adjustment, high quality of tuck-in cloth, easy to maintenance. 7. With stopping prevent weft broken device. Parameters: Nominal Reed Space:130,150,170,190,210,230(cm) Weft Selection:1color,8color Power: Super starting motor, electromagnetic brake stop positioning control Weft insertion: main, auxiliary nozzle, profiled reed, unit machine with double pump and independent air supply. Shedding: crank shedding, positive cam shedding, dobby shedding, and jacquard shedding. Let off: mechanical take up. Beating: four linkage crank beating Speed: 500-700 rpm​​

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