HQF 2011 automatic doffing roving machine

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HQF2011 roving machine is fully automatic doffing and is made by Qingdao Tianyi Red flag Textile machinery company under development needs, draw extensively on domestic and foreign products and related fields of advanced technology, the use of a new design concept, high staring point, high standards and develop a new generation of smart automatic doffing roving machine, the spinning molding, full pipe automatic doffing, empty full exchange, automatic generation head spinning, etc. To achieve full process automation control, spinning at the same time you can switch to the thickness associated automatic transmission yarn spinning process. Reduced operating noise, improve the service life of parts. HOF2011 automatic doffing roving machine adopts intelligent automatic control mode. Spinning process of drafting, twisting, winding, forming, a four-motor linkage control mode; Doffing exchange process Long tendons removed, hanging yarn platform lift, rotating bracket using three motor linkage control mode; Thickness associated with pneumatic control switch way; Whole process optoelectronic monitoring to ensure accurate operation, safe and reliable. HQF2011 automatic doffing roving machines is ideal for modern textile enterprise roving spinning equipment.

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