JA11 high and low dual loom beam air jet loom

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JA11 High And Low Dual Loom Beam Air Jet Loom The newly developed product-JA11 high and low dual loom beam air jet loom is designed for textile enterprise to developed high added valve double-faced fabric and color fabric, this product is designed with wide reed width, high speed, wide range of fabric, strong adaptability(widely used in cotton、wool、silk、flax、chemical fiber etc. each textile industrial)、high efficiency、high automatic level、stable and reliable performance etc. help textile enterprise solve the problem of when develop high added valve double-faced fabric it is hard to sizing and weaving, it is usable for textile industrial developing top grade fabric (like top grade black-out cloth、top grade home textile fabric、color fabric), improve fabric quality, reduces the cost of labor, increase economic efficiency. Product performance : nominal reed width is 190cm~360cm (can meet with user need), the diameter of high and low warp beam flange is Ф800mm (orФ914mm)、the rotate speed of main shaft is 400-650rpm (the actual speed is based on the specification of the fabric)、the range of reed width is 0-800mm、suitable for weaving filament and spun、the diameter of roller is 550mm、high and low beam warp servo control、electronic dobby shedding (16 shaft)、 electronic take up (or mechanical take up)、10.4"touch screen with intelligent computer control system.

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