White and Blue Crossfit Sports Shoes for Women on Super Sale

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Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR - A Perfect Sports Shoe for Dynamic Women

As a woman, we often look for versatile sports shoes that can cater to our various physical activities. Whether it is running, jumping, lifting weights or doing cross-fit training, our sports shoes must provide complete support and comfort.
Super Sale Women - Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR - Sports shoes - White/Blue/Firespark

One such sports shoe, which has gained immense popularity among women these days, is the Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR. It is a perfect sports shoe that not only complements our dynamic lifestyle but also enhances our style quotient.

Upper Material

The upper material of the Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR sports shoe is a combination of textile and synthetic material. The mesh fabric provides excellent breathability to the feet, allowing air to pass through comfortably. This feature is very important as it helps in reducing the sweat and moisture buildup, keeping our feet cool and dry.

Internal Material

The internal material of the Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR sports shoe is made of soft and comfortable textile. The padding type is designed to provide cold padding, which is essential for those who engage in intense physical activities. It offers excellent cushioning to the feet and prevents injuries caused due to sudden movements.

Cover Sole

The cover sole of the Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR sports shoe is made of the same textile material as the internal material. It offers a smooth surface for the feet to glide on and prevents any friction between the feet and the insole.


The sole of the Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR sports shoe is made of high-quality synthetic material that provides superior traction and flexibility. It helps in maintaining a stable grip on the surface, whether it is a gym floor or an outdoor track. Additionally, the sole is designed to absorb shocks and reduce the impact on the feet, reducing the risk of injuries.

T/R Super Tergal Fabric

T/R Super Tergal Fabric is a high-quality fabric that is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear. It is a perfect fabric for making sports shoes as it provides excellent support and comfort to the feet.

The Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR sports shoe uses T/R Super Tergal Fabric, which adds to the overall strength and durability of the shoe. It enables the shoe to withstand the rigors of intense physical activities, making it a perfect choice for women who are into cross-fit training and gym workouts.


The Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR sports shoe is an excellent choice for dynamic women who engage in various physical activities. Its versatile design, combined with superior quality materials, makes it a perfect choice for gym workouts, cross-fit training, running, and more.

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish sports shoe that caters to all your physical activities, then the Reebok CROSSFIT SPEED TR sports shoe is the perfect choice for you. Try it out today and experience the comfort and support it offers to your feet.